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Jungle, waterfalls, Knuckles mountains and much more

Being on the Eastern side of Kandy, we are quite close to the Knuckles Range of mountains which is a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO for it’s bio-diversity and the rich flora and fauna. Accordingly, all our treks are in that direction, passing through quaint villages, rivers, water-falls, rice-fields and tea-plantations. En-route, you will observe a very different way of life amongst the villagers – they are laid back with time in their hands to talk to you (translated by our accompanying guide) and invite you to their humble homes with traditional hospitality where money is not the mover.

The details of the treks are given below:

Note 1: as at 12 October 2017, US$ = Rs. 153,- Euro = Rs. 180,- and STG = Rs. 200,-

Note 2: Given prices will increase by 18% after 1 April 2018 when Government taxes become payable.

Trek # 1: “WEPATHANA” (SOFT: 2 KM Walk)

The walk starts from our Lodge and takes the group through our own little village passing small streams and Kandyan Forest Gardens of the villagers. During this walk, you will meet the local villagers attending to their daily chores who will gladly invite you into their simple houses.

DURATION: 2 hours

IDEAL FOR: bird-watchers and those wanting to experience rural life at a leisurely pace.

TERRAIN: mostly flattish with small gradients and mostly narrow paths on firm ground

PRICE: Rs. 750 p.p. including Guide-fees and a bottle of water

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more

Trek # 2: Waterfall Swim (SOFT) (2KM WALK + 10KM BY VEHICLE; One-way)

You start with a 30 minute tuk-tuk ride or jeep ride to the footpath leading to the waterfall. The walk to this secluded waterfall is about 1km in the jungle covered by large trees, rocks and waterways. The pool area is large and fairly deep. The water is clean and safe to bathe in a temperature of around 20° c.

DURATION: 2.5 hours

IDEAL FOR: Those loving the natural beauty of a waterfall providing a private swimming pool in the jungle, combined with an easy walk

TERRAIN: Flat pathway. Uneven surface near the waterfall where you may have to walk a little in water to reach the waterfall.

Time permitting, you have the option of walking to the waterfall – all the way for 10 Km or part of the way (min. 3 Km) from which point, you will be picked up and brought by jeep or tuk-tuk to the footpath leading to the waterfall. The first half is on village paths while about 4 Km is on a narrow asphalt road with a few motor-bicycles and tuk-tuks.

PRICE: Rs. 1,500 p.p including transport, guide fees and a bottle of water.


PRICE: Rs. 2,000 p.p.

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more


The walk begins from our Lodge and is through quaint villages with their Kandyan Forest Gardens where the villagers go about their daily chores at their own pace. You will be invited to visit their houses and see, for example, how they make treacle and jaggery (syrup and sugar blocks made from the sap of a palm tree). You will be given a "Botany lesson" by our trained Guide in his own English of the various trees you will see on the way, such as cloves, pepper, nutmeg, coffee, cocoa, jack, bread-fruit, arecanut, mangosteen, mango, passion-fruit, rambuttan, banana, papaya etc.

After about 2 hours of walking, you will be at Naranpanawa by Huluganga, at the exact place of the river where the advertisement for “Sunlight” soap was filmed and where the kings of Kandy used to bathe (Naranpanawa comes from ne-ran-panawa meaning “no golden comb”, where the king lost his golden comb while bathing here). The villagers come here to bathe and wash their clothes and their buffaloes down-stream. You could also see how they draw sand from the river. We have selected a large and deep pool of water, up-river, where you can swim in clean and safe water (temperature +/- 21 C) in very natural surroundings. Time permitting, you can go another 4km to a secluded waterfall in a virgin forest (see trek # 2).

DURATION: 3 hours including river-swim.

IDEAL FOR: Those wanting an educative soft trek mixed with nature and adventure. The river swim requires competency in swimming. It is also ideal for families and children (under supervision)

TERRAIN: You start with a short climb and thereafter, it is mostly flattish and downwards on fairly broad pathways on firm ground with about 70 steps down.


After the river-bath, you have the following options:

To return to the lodge by foot (additional 2 hour walk uphill) or by vehicle.

PRICE: Rs. 1,500 p.p. including Guide-fees, snack, bottle of water and transport back to the lodge

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more


Visit a tea-factory, 7 KM from the river - at an additional Rs. 1,350 p.p. (price based on min 2 pax) which includes entrance ticket, a cup of tea, 250g of quality black tea, Guide and transport in our tuk-tuk or jeep (additional 2.5 hours).


Trek # 4: Five-in-one  

Within a few hours you experience a great deal of village life. You take a 2-km path to the local school which most village children take. Distribute pens, exercise books etc. to the school children and participate with the children and their teacher in a short lesson followed by personal interaction with the children. A 20-minute ride in the local bus (which is not crowded) will take you close to the jungle-path leading to the water-fall hidden in the jungle - you will feel like Tarzan & Jane! If you are a competent swimmer, swimming in the natural pool will be loads of fun (water temp. approx. 22 C). If you wish to have your lunch at the water-fall, please inform your guide before leaving the Lodge. Return by tuk-tuk or by safari jeep.

DURATION: Walk totally 4.5 KM in 3 breaks and sit in vehicles 1 hour. (total 5 hours)

IDEAL FOR: Those wanting to experience a wide range of village life and true nature.

TERRAIN: Somewhat up-hill at times, narrow foot-paths approaching swimming pool, the rest easy

PRICE: Rs. 2,000 p.p. including guide-fees, transport, pens & exercise books (if group size below 6, add another Rs. 2.000,- for the whole group), and a bottle of water. Packed lunch additional Rs.650 p.p.

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more



(36 KM by vehicle and 3km Walk)

Starts with a drive on the scenic and well carpeted A26 Kandy-Mahiyangana road (1 hour drive). This ancient village (established in the 14th century by the king of Kurunegala) has no proper road access which allows it to retain it’s old charm. Water-buffaloes still work the terraced rice-fields which surround our old Manor House (with a modern toilet) which we use for your lunch-break.

The village visit begins with the school (50 girls and boys, 5-10 years old) where you will be served tea and where you could give the children gifts such as pens and exercise books if you like. The pre-lunch walk is 1.5 KM mainly along rice-fields, streams and old village houses. Take a break at the old Manor House where you will be served a very traditional lunch. The post-lunch walk will take you to another part of the village, along rice-fields and vegetable plots the highlight being the “fish-therapy” in the river where many small fish nibble at your feet. Here you also see how the villagers bathe and wash their clothes. You will return to the Lodge after a 1 hour drive on the same scenic road.

DURATION: 7 hours in total (including travel time)

IDEAL FOR: For those seeking an experience in rural village life, Bird-watchers and soft trekkers

TERRAIN: mainly flattish on narrow paths and at times on soft ground (along rice-fields)

PRICE: Rs. 3,000 p.p. excluding transport; add Rs. 3,600 for the whole group for transport (our tuk-tuk or jeep). This also includes lunch and Guide-fees

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more


The entire trek is by foot. A good part is within our own village and exposing the rich flora & fauna in the area. You will also see terraced rice-fields and rural life. Fantastic views of mountains, valleys and a lake. Opportunity to visit the local Secondary school.

DURATION: 3.5 hours

IDEAL FOR: Birdwatchers and nature-lovers who wish to take a fairly challenging trek

TERRAIN: A steady climb, at times on an asphalt road but mainly on foot paths, narrow but firm ground.

PRICE: Rs. 1,350 p.p. including Guide fees and a drink

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more

Trek # 7: “ALAWATHUGIRI” (MEDIUM: 12 KM Walk)

The walk starts from our Lodge and takes you through quaint villages, rice-fields, tea plantations and jungle. Although it is climbing most of the way, it is not steep. You will be walking through Sinhalese (rice-farmers) and Tamil (tea-pluckers ) villages where you could interact with them. You will come across streams and other water ways with fantastic views of mountains, jungle and valleys. You could chose from several scenic spots to have a picnic lunch which is included. The entire trek is by foot which leaves out vehicular transport.

DURATION: 5-6 hours

IDEAL FOR: Those seeking a fairly challenging trek and wanting to see typical rural life.

TERRAIN: A steady climb most of the way through village roads and jungle paths on firm ground.

PRICE: Rs. 2,000 p.p. including Guide fees, packed lunch and a drink.

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more

Trek # 8(a): KNUCKLES MOUNTAIN RANGE (HARD) (20 KM Walk + 26 KM by tuk-tuk or jeep) - Via Rangala

Start with a walk that takes you through quiet villages, temples, jungle and tea estates. Fantastic views and plenty of rural life to be seen, including the “Line-rooms” of the tea-pluckers. You climb up to the Knuckles mountains and end by a cascading river with 5 water-falls of which, 3 can be reached. This is a very challenging trek which requires good walking shoes and a sun-hat to minimize the effects of the mid-day sun in open places.

If this trek is found to be too strenuous, you can choose to reduce the distance by about 5 Km and save 1-2 hours by stopping in a village just before the Knuckles mountains and taking an interesting ride back in the local bus.

DURATION: 6-8 hours

IDEAL FOR: Those wanting a challenge and in a good physical condition willing to endure a continuous climb at times in warm and humid conditions.

TERRAIN: A steady climb most of the way on mostly wide paths on firm ground but at times on uneven ground.

PRICE: Rs. 4,500 including Knuckles entrance ticket, transport, packed lunch and guide fees

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more

If you wish to start the trek from Knuckles mountains, you could start with the tuk-tuk ride up to the water-falls and walk from there, choosing between a soft, medium or hard trek. Thereafter, you return with the tuk-tuk, for the same price.



Trek # 8(b): KNUCKLES MOUNTAIN RANGE (MEDIUM) (12KM Walk + 31 KM by vehicle; one-way) - Via Hunasgiriya

You start with a ride on the A26 with breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, lakes and tea estates. The walk is a total of 12km of which 3km is by the 'mini Worlds End'. Fantastic views, birds, rare lizards, forest and streams.

DURATION: 7 hours

IDEAL FOR: Those wanting a fairly challenging walk mixed with great views of mountains in jungle surroundings.

TERRAIN: Mostly flatish with about 2.5 km of a steep climb on mainly firm ground

PRICE: Rs. 4,500 including Knuckles entrance ticket, transport, packed lunch and guide fees

*Discount applicable for groups of 4 or more



1) Visits to Kandy City, Dambulla/Sigiriya and Wasgamuwa

2) Bird-watching: 60 species, 15 endemics + wild  animals within our 13-acre/6-hectare property

3) Botany lesson: A wide range of fruit trees, palm trees, beans and spices shown by our Guide

4) Visit the local school and the Montessori

5) Visits to the local Village Weaving Mill, lapidary (jewellery), wood work shop and other cottage industries (inquire from a member of staff for more info)

6) Volleyball with the local village team

7) Traditional Cookery demonstration

For rates and details of the activities please don’t hesitate to contact us