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Jungle, waterfalls, Knuckles mountains and much more

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Polwaththa (pronounced pol’watha) is a unique and authentic nature experience that offers you the best of nature & traditional Sri Lankan village culture. Polwaththa means "coconut estate" which indicates that you will be surrounded by coconut palm trees and a variety of other trees that provide a lush greenery throughout the year, giving you a ‘living-in-the-jungle' feeling.

The jungle is filled with wildlife that include 60 different species of birds of which 15 are endemic (for details on bird watching click here). Monkeys, barking deer and the giant squirrel roam about during the day while wildboar, owls, flying squirrels and bats appear at night. Therefore we are a haven for bird watchers and nature lovers alike.

The jungle and environment provide a calm and tranquil atmosphere in a comfortable temperature zone ranging from 20-28ºC . This experience is enhanced with a personalised service of a truly traditional style.

Our vision at Polwaththa is to practice true ecotourism while maintaining a degree of discretion to protect our unique identity and provide adequate safety to our guests. We started in 2010 as one of the first to introduce ecotourism to the Kandy region, and we hope our philosophy will be an inspiration for others to follow.